Nancy Denslow, PhD. Professor & Interim Chair, Department of Physiological Sciences & Center for Environmental and Human Toxicology, oversees the aquatic bioanalytical and toxicity assays conducted by the ATCL. She previously served for 15 years as the Director of the Protein Chemistry and Molecular Biomarkers Core Facility at the University of Florida.

Christopher J Martyniuk, PhD. Associate Chair and Professor of Center for Environmental and Human Toxicology Department of Physiological Sciences, Dr. Martyniuk is an internationally recognized expert in molecular toxicology and comparative endocrinology, focused on defining adverse outcome pathways for both endocrine and non-endocrine pathways in aquatic organisms.

Joseph H. Bisesi, PhD. Associate Professor & PhD Program Director, his projects include probing the contributions of phthalate plasticizers to the obesity epidemic using zebrafish as a model, examining the desorption behavior of pharmaceuticals and pesticides bound to carbon nanomaterials in fish gastrointestinal systems, and exploring the impacts of heavy metals to aquatic organisms.

Christopher Vulpe, PhD. Professor. Dr. Vulpe’s group uses systems level approaches in eukaryotes from yeast to people to identify the functional components that respond to and modulate the consequences of environmental stressors. Most recently, his laboratory is utilizing genome wide and targeted CRISPR screens to understand the mechanisms of toxicity of environmental chemicals, chemotherapeutics, and other exogenous stressors. 

Tara Sabo-Attwood, PhD. Professor & Chair. Her doctoral training was in the area of aquatic toxicology, and she moved into environmental pulmonary pathology as an NIEHS postdoctoral fellow at the University of Vermont. Dr. Sabo-Attwood directs a laboratory group that investigates molecular mechanisms that drive various health impacts associated with environmental exposures to agents which include endocrine disruptors, mineral fibers, and nanomaterials.