The ATCL has a variety of analytical instruments available to meet client needs.

Currently available

Agilent 7890/7000C GC-MS/MS

Customized method development for analytical toxicology screening and quantitative methods is performed on this instrument. We use this instrument for analysis of organochlorine pesticides (OCPs), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), fatty acids (FAME), and other small molecules. In multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) scan, the system can provide sub-nanogram quantity of analytes under optimal conditions.


A hybrid triple quadrupole ion trap mass spectrometer, designed to perform quantitative analysis of compounds by using Multiple Reaction Monitoring scans (MRM). It is coupled to a shimadzu Nexera X2 ultra high-performance liquid chromatograph (UHPLC) equipped with a rack changer for either 96 or 384 sample plates that allows to run from one single to hundreds of samples in an automated high-throughput workflow. Due to its unique capabilities, our system allows the analysis of multiple analytes at the same time within the same sample with great accurately, sensitivity, and short analysis time. It is also equipped with a SelexIon module that helps to separate isobaric species from complex mixtures and reduces matrix effects, enhancing the overall sensitivity of the analysis by greatly reducing the S/N ratio. We have run a wide variety of applications including hydroxylated PAHs, polar pesticides and its metabolites, short chain fatty acids, pharmaceuticals, algal toxins and microcystins, isoflavones, steroid hormones, and lipidomics analysis; with often  limits of detection that range the nanograms to picograms levels.

Thermo MSQ Plus LC/MS

This instrument is used for routine analysis of a variety of small molecules. When combined with an ion chromatograph front end, it is used to provide low level quantitation of hard-to- analyze small ionic species such as perchlorate.

Agilent 7900 ICP/MS

This instrument is used for analysis of minor and trace metals, providing detection down to the sub-parts-per-billion range. A variety of sample matrices are tested, including plant and animal tissues, cell cultures and growth media, sediments as well as water and wastewater.

Agilent HP 1100 HPLC

This HPLC is equipped with various detectors, including UV and fluorescence, and fraction collector. This system is used for separation of small molecules and for radiochromatography.