Margaret O. James, Ph.D.

Professor and Chairmargaretjames

College of Pharmacy, Medicinal Chemistry

Office: Medical Science Building, P6-20

Phone: (352) 273-7707


Current Research Interests


  • B.S. Chemistry, University College London, 1969
  • Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, St. Mary’s Medical School, University of London, 1972
  • Post-doctoral fellow, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, 1972-75
  • D.Sc. University of London, 1993

Selected Publications

  • James, M.O. and Ambadapadi, S.  Interactions of cytosolic sulfotransferases with xenobiotics.  Drug Metabolism Reviews, in press.
  • Li, W., Gu, Y., James, M.O., Hines, R.N., Simpson, P. Langaee, T. and Stacpoole, P.W.  Prenatal and postnatal expression of glutathione transferase zeta 1 in human liver and the roles of haplotype and subject age in determining activity with dichloroacetate. Drug Metabolism and Disposition, 40, 232-239, 2012.   PMID 22028317
  • James, M.O., Marth, C.J. and Rowland-Faux, L.  Slow O-demethylation of methyl triclosan to triclosan, which is rapidly glucuronidated and sulfonated in channel catfish liver and intestine.  Aquatic Toxicology 124-125: 72-82, 2012 PMID 22926334
  • James, M.O.  Steroid catabolism in marine and freshwater fish.  J. Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 127:167-175, 2011, doi:10.1016/j.jsbmb.2010.10.003  PMID: 20955793
  • Li, W., James, M.O., MacKenzie, S., Liu, C., Calcutt, N.S. and Stacpoole, P.W.  Mitochondrion as a novel site of dichloroacetate biotransformation.  J. Pharmacol. Exp. Therap. 336: 1-8, 2011  DOI:10.1124/jpet.110.173195  PMID 20884751
  • James, MO, Li, W, Summerlot, D, Rowland-Faux, L. and Wood CE “Triclosan is a potent inhibitor of estradiol and estrone sulfonation in sheep placenta”.  Environment International, 36: 942-949, 2010 doi:10.1016/j.envint.2009.02.004.