Xiao (Bela) Zheng

Graduate Assistant

Ms. Zheng
Ms. Zheng

Office: CEHT-Building 471

Phone: N/A

Email: belaralia@ufl.edu

Current Research Interests

  • Initiation of the Pulmonary Immune Response by Nanoparticles and Pathogens


  • Ph.D. Student, University of Florida. (8/2012 – Present)
  • M.S., Environmental Health Sciences, New York University. (9/2010 – 5/2012′)
  • B.S., Biological Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong University. (9/2006 – 7/2010)

Selected Publications

  • Y Fang, Y Yu, Q Hou, X Zheng, M Zhang, D Zhang, J Li, X Wu, C Huang. (2012) The Chinese herb isolate isorhapontigenin induces apoptosis in human cancer cells by down-regulating overexpression of antiapoptotic protein XIAP. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 287(42): p. 35234-35243.
  • S Yang, X Zheng, Y Han, Y Long, Y Liu. (2011) Rapid Method to Indicate High Content Urea of Milk beyond Normal Reference Range Based on Urease Catalysis. Food Science, 32(10), 222-226.

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