Featured Analysis

Glyphosate in Human Urine and Breast Milk

With the advent of Roundup Ready crops, use of glyphosate has increased

markedly. The ability to measure glyphosate and its principal metabolite AMPA

in biological fluids is an important tool for studying potential glyphosate exposure.

To support glyphosate exposure research, the ATCL has added glyphosate and

AMPA analysis to its list of services based upon the method of Jensen et al. (J.

Environ. Sci. Health, Part B, 51(4):254-259, 2016). The analysis uses LC

MS/MS with the following detection and quantification limits:

Human urine:

Glyphosate – LOQ, 0.1 µg/L (ppb)

AMPA – LOQ, 0.5 µg/L (ppb)

Breast milk:

Glyphosate – LOQ, 3 µg/L (ppb)

]AMPA – LOQ, 10 µg/L (ppb)


Please inquire if your research needs glyphosate analysis in another matrix.