Center for environmental and human toxicology

Who we are, what we do

The Center for Environmental and Human Toxicology serves as the focal point at the University of Florida for activities concerning the effects of chemicals on the environment, human and animal health.

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The Center serves as an interface between basic research and its application for evaluation of human health and environmental risks. This interface includes an educational component to transfer this knowledge to producers, consumers, and regulators. The research and teaching activities of the Center provide a resource for the State of Florida to identify and reduce risks associated with environmental pollution, food contamination, and workplace hazards.

Development and improvement of risk assessment methods as well as toxicity testing and elucidation of mechanisms of action of chemical-induced adverse health effects are all activities of the Center that serve as resources for the State of Florida and the nation. The Center provides a forum for the discussion of specific and general problems concerning the potential adverse human health effects associated with chemical exposure. Using the interpretive skills of scientists and clinicians from various health disciplines, better decisions can be made for the protection of public health.

Contact Information

Center for Environmental & Human Toxicology

Aquatic Toxicology

  • Nancy Denslow, PhD, Acting Director, Professor & Interim Chair– (352) 294-4642
  • Kevin Kroll, Laboratory Manager – (352) 294-4643

Analytical Toxicology

Risk Assessment Core

  • Leah Stuchal, Ph.D., Research Associate Professor– (352) 294-4641
  • Zhoumeng Lin, BMed, PhD, DABT, CPH, ERT, Associate Professor -(352)-273-6160